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Join Our Team as a Corporate Sales Manager​

As Jetlid, we attach great importance to ensuring that our customers receive service from experts in all our solutions. In the sales and marketing of our B2B Sales Solutions, we work with Corporate Sales Executives who are experts in their fields and have many years of corporate working experience. If you wish, you can be a part of this special team.

What Does a Corporate Sales Manager Do?

Jetlid Corporate Sales Managers sell the products and services of our contracted business partners to medium and large-sized companies that are already in their portfolio or that they have just added to their portfolio. Benefiting from Jetlid’s wide range of services, it evaluates the cross-selling opportunities of the companies in its portfolio.

How Does an Enterprise Sales Manager Work?​

This career opportunity is a freelance work model with no fixed salary, where you determine your earnings and working hours yourself. You earn income from the sale of products and services. When you are accepted to work, the needs (such as e-mail address, business card) required to represent the Jetlid brand are met by us. In addition, at the beginning of the process, trainings on the products and services you will sell are also given by Jetlid.

What awaits you at Jetlid?

Who Are We Looking For?

How Does the Application Process Work?​

First, we make a general evaluation over the applications. After the initial evaluation, we conduct an online interview with the candidates who are found positive. After our online interview, we invite our candidates to our “Corporate Sales Manager” training. Candidates who successfully complete the training have the opportunity to take a brand new step in their careers as Jetlid Corporate Sales Manager.

If you want to open a whole new page in your career and take advantage of this career opportunity of Jetlid, you can fill out our short application form by clicking the “Join Our Team” button and take the first step of your new adventure in your career journey right away.

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