Electricity Sales

Start saving electricity now!

Did you know that you can choose your electricity supplier and thus, you can meet your electricity needs with much more economical unit costs than you have paid so far?

By changing your electricity supplier in a few very simple steps, you can immediately start benefiting from the very advantageous electricity unit costs exclusive to Jetlid. Moreover, it is very easy to change your electricity supplier.

Effortlessly perform all transactions without having to unsubscribe.

  • Keep using your existing electricity infrastructure and electricity meter.
  • Provide easy transition without any interruption in your electricity.
  • The distribution company responsible for the meter reading is EDAŞ. Continue to receive service in the same way in all technical operations such as meter reading, electrical failure, interruption, tripping and similar.

Start reducing your electricity costs by simply changing your electricity supplier with the help of Jetlid, without experiencing any change in the power, current intensity and service quality of your electricity.

We invite you to take advantage of Jetlid’s “Electricity Sales” service.

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