General Manager’s Message

We are a dynamic and powerful team that offers a great competitive advantage to new ventures, newly established businesses, and companies that aim to grow and develop. We promise to be the sales teams of companies with no sales team or limited number of sales specialists. Thanks to our extensive sales network across Turkey, the capital, to grow their businesses allocating, they have able to use its human resources more effectively, and they can find the risk-free growth opportunities.

We offer not only our customers, but also business development professionals with whom we offer the opportunity to work independently, both for profit and for a unique experience in their careers.

It is always our top priority to create added value for the customers we serve, the business development professionals we work with, and our stakeholders to whom we deliver our customers’ products. I am fully confident that we will always be beneficial to all our stakeholders thanks to our ethical principles and values.

We have the knowledge, experience and values through, “Turkey’s biggest inter-agency sales organization to be” the vision of the team, I sincerely believe that we can achieve in a very short period of time.

Koray Akhan