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Our Freelance Business Development Team Specialized in Sales

As Jetlid, we attach great importance to ensuring that our customers receive service from experts in all our solutions. For this reason, we work with our dedicated team of Freelance Business Development Managers who are experts in their fields and have many years of corporate working experience in the sales and marketing of B2B Sales Solutions we offer. If you wish, you can become a part of this special team.

You Can Join Our Team

If you have corporate working experience in sales, marketing or finance and want to advance your career in sales, marketing and business development, you can join Jetlid’s Freelance Business Development Team. While we offer you the opportunity to develop yourself in different sectors, we also provide you with the opportunity to work independently. By joining our Freelance Business Development Team, you can both advance in your career and continue to improve yourself in new areas. By working freelance at Jetlid, you decide both your working hours and how much you will earn.

Advantages of Jetlid for Business Development Professionals

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