Open Banking

With our Open Banking solutions, manage your account activities in all banks you work with from a single screen.

Banks; Traditionally, they offer their most basic functions to their customers, such as managing deposit accounts, issuing loans, and intermediary for payments between customers, through their own channels. These services, which have been offered from branches for centuries, have been opened to ATM, call center, internet banking and mobile banking applications as technology and security measures allow. The indispensable feature of banking and regulated by very strict rules is trust. Because basically the money entrusted by the customer is protected and operated. For this reason, banks have made it possible for their customers to access banking services only through channels they manage. However, digitalization, security technology, increasing expectations of end users and the openings of regulators to address these trends now make it possible to access bank services from third party applications. Sometimes, customers may want to access banking services through the application they use instead of banking channels. In cases where they work with more than one bank, they may also want to manage their combined accounts in those banks from a single application offered by a bank or a third party. The concept of Open Banking is basically this.

With our Open Banking solutions, you can view and manage the account activities of all banks on a single screen. You can send multiple money orders and EFTs from more than one bank at the same time. You can manage all transactions passing through physical and virtual POS in detail from a single screen.

We invite you to take advantage of Jetlid’s “Open Banking” service.

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